Whispering Angel – Comporta

Whispering Angel, a pioneer in the ‘Renaissance du Rosé’ movement and one of the most special wines in the Château D’Esclans portfolio, transports us to the Côtes de Provence through its floral and red fruit notes.

In an event marked by the presence of influencers, we recreated this idyllic, floral, and feminine scenario at various moments during a day at Sublime in Comporta.

On a very hot day at the end of June, the guests were welcomed with a refreshing rosé wine, followed by a lunch in a picnic area under pink umbrellas and a table that was both rustic and sophisticated at the same time. Before dinner, the guests had fun in the pool. The event concluded the next day with a very special brunch on the terrace of one of the villas.

In the valley of Esclans, the angels whisper. At Sublime, we can hear them…

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