James Martin’s – St. Andrew’s Day 2023

In 2023, Global. was responsible for the production and communication of the 3rd James Martin’s Scottish National Day celebration event, where whisky lovers had the opportunity to taste a menu harmonized with this drink at every moment of the meal in one of Lisbon’s most iconic nightspots – the former Alcântara Café.

This year’s event also saw the presentation of a new whisky, James Martin’s 35 Years Old. The project involved defining the event space, decoration, catering, performance and musicians, as well as managing all the suppliers involved and ensuring that the brand’s international guidelines were always complied with. In addition to producing the event, Global. was also responsible for the VIP call for 70 people and media relations for the event.

About James Martin’s

The historic brand owes its name to its founder, James Martin, who earned the nickname “Sparry” Martin from his youth as a boxer. Martin established himself as a wine and spirits merchant in Edinburgh in 1878 and dedicated himself to building his business, James Martin & Co. From the earliest days, Martin was determined to create whisky of the highest quality. He believed that it was necessary to mature the malt whisky used in a blend for at least 10 years to obtain a smoother taste (by law, Scotch whisky can be sold after only three years of ageing). Martin, who died in 1899, even stipulated in his will that his company should only be sold to his partner Edward Macdonald, to ensure the continuation of its good reputation and high quality.

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