Wine & Soul – 185 years of Quinta da Manoella

Global. was responsible for communicating the 185th anniversary of Quinta da Manoella, in an exclusive event aimed at the specialized press.

Global. has been working on the Douro Wine & Soul project since 2017. Over the last few years, the project’s media presence has been a constant, and the reputation it has developed is now undoubtedly solid.

In 2023, the team identified hooks of interest that could give rise to an additional peak in the media spotlight – thus the need to communicate the 185th anniversary of Quinta da Manoella at an exclusive event at the property in question, which very few journalists knew about. The event, aimed at the specialized press, was an opportunity to present two new high-quality wines from the house and also to interact with the couple Sandra Tavares da Silva and Jorge Serôdio Borges.

Global’s team set the tone for communication and the event, helped with its management and accompanied the journalists from the outset. This investment resulted in very qualitative results, with long-form reports in the most important titles in the sector in Portugal.


Sandra Tavares da Silva and Jorge Serôdio Borges began their adventure in 2001. This young couple initially had neither vineyards nor wine, but a common dream, a personal project to which they dedicated themselves body and soul. The name Wine & Soul is the consequence of their passion and total commitment to wine. From the outset, the company’s work has focused on a tireless search for exceptional vineyards in the Pinhão valley, the historic heart of the great Port wines, and giving them a voice. Their first creation was a wine called Pintas, inspired by the couple’s restless pointer. What was at first a garage wine is now the image of Douro history and tradition, using grapes from old vines with more than 30 grape varieties mixed in.

In it, the grandeur, breadth and richness of this region are faithfully represented. Later came Pintas Character, the white Guru, Pintas Vintage Port and the extraordinary 5G Port. The latter is the result of a blend of very old wines, some of which are over a hundred years old. In 2009, under the full management of Jorge and Sandra, the wines of the famous Quinta da Manoella were born, a wine estate founded in 1838 and operated for five generations by the Serôdio Borges family, where vines over a hundred years old stand side by side with young vines of 30 years and some even more recent. Quinta da Manoella Vinhas Velhas immediately established itself as one of the great wines of the Douro. With this repertoire, Wine & Soul has become the image of the modern Douro: a Douro in which nature and the personality of each vineyard speak louder. With minimal intervention during vinification, it is the unique terroir, which each agricultural year shapes to its liking, that determines the expression of each wine. Sandra and Jorge believe in the strength of the alliance between Port and the Douro and are committed to it. Today Wine & Soul and its wines are living proof that the traditional vineyards from which the great Vintages are born are equally capable of producing great Douro wines.

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