São Luiz Winemaker’s Collection Rosé 2023

For the launch of the 4th edition of São Luiz Winemaker’s Collection Rosé, Global. brought together the perfect group of content creators.

São Luiz Winemaker’s Collection Rosé is the fourth edition of a wine recognized by national and international critics. It is a rosé that reflects the essence of its terroir, Quinta São Luiz, located in the heart of the Douro region. It’s an elegant wine that reflects sophistication and good taste, excellent company for moments of leisure and socializing on long summer days, as well as for gastronomic moments with seafood, fish and white meat dishes. For its launch, we had the challenge of bringing together a group of upper-middle class content creators who would reach the right audience, showing a positioning of a serious, elegant and sophisticated wine of high quality, which is second to none of the great white or red wines from the Douro region.

For this action, the profiles selected brought together a group of content creators from various areas, including fashion, lifestyle and gastronomy. The campaign features Carlos Afonso, Débora Montenegro, Fernanda Velez, Filipa de Abreu, Maria Barros and Tiago Froufe.

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