BELVEDERE – High Energy Party

In 2023, Global. was responsible for the production and communication of premium vodka brand Belvedere’s first party, The High Energy Party.

The project involved defining the event space, decoration, catering, performance and musicians, as well as managing all the suppliers involved and ensuring that the brand’s international guidelines were always met. In addition to producing the event, Global. was also responsible for the VIP call for 200 people and media relations for the event. With the theme “High Energy Party”, the event took place in the Carpintarias de São Lázaro cultural space and featured a performance by international DJ Djeff and cocktails specially designed for the event.


Founded in 1910 in what is now one of the oldest distilleries in the world still in business, Belvedere is the result of a 600-year heritage of Polish vodka. The 90s clubbing scene in New York ultimately marked the legendary Belvedere vodka. From clubbing culture to fashion, this vodka was launched as the true mistress of the night and also as the world’s first super premium vodka.

This extraordinary vodka with a distinctive taste is handcrafted by Master Distillers from Polish rye and purified water in a fire distillation process. Complying with the geographical requirements for the production of Polish vodka, Belvedere is produced exclusively in Poland, using only locally sourced ingredients and without additives, guaranteeing the best quality. In addition to these requirements, Belvedere vodka does not contain GMOs and is Kosher certified. Although linked to festive occasions, Belvedere inspires conscious consumption.

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