We work on a range of aspects of communication through techniques and disciplines that touch on different areas - Paid Media, Earned Media, Shared Media and Owner Media.


We provide strategic communication and public relations advice to help organizations and brands achieve their goals. Our multidisciplinary team of specialists develops solid strategies through careful planning using different techniques and disciplines. This is a continuous process demanding proactivity, agility and in-depth knowledge of the target demographic, measurable objectives and the know-how of emerging media and technologies. We plan, create, distribute and measure each initiative to guarantee that it has the greatest possible impact, changes specific behaviours or influences decision-making.


We use the media or strategic initiatives with stakeholders to enhance the visibility, reach and reputation of institutions and brands. With different teams of professionals and deep knowledge of the value chain of each business area, Global. provides strategic advice and the production, implementation and distribution of relevant content for our clients.

Through press releases, interviews, in-depth articles or PR campaigns, we achieve measurable objectives that impact the defined target demographic, which is more than the consumer – it is the whole of the structure involved in the decision-making process.



Content creators are the new opinion makers, a force capable of shaping consumer habits and tastes, creating or overthrowing leaders, influencing government policy, killing products or even creating unicorns. Our main task is to choose the most effective content creator for our clients and develop a powerful narrative capable of strengthening the brand’s relationships with its target demographic. We create a perfect match between influencer and brand to generate leads driven sales. The Global. Influence team, formerly Bond 148, works with all content creators and also represents some of them.




Due to constant technological advances the digital world gains new nuances and rules, almost daily, and these demand constant adaptation. Users — and consumers — who live online know this and expect brands to keep pace with all developments. Failure to do so could mean losing them. We use social media to deliver engaging content to specific audiences. We work from a content-focused strategy to give rhythm and authenticity to our clients’ communication.



In a universe that moves at 5G speed, it’s no easy task to create moments that are forever etched in memory, with life beyond social networks. The Global. Events team specializes in conveying a good story through corporate, brand activation or internal events.



Creativity is a cross-cutting imperative at Global. Graphic or audiovisual content is often created in collaboration with partners, so that we can offer a 360º service capable of enhancing an integrated strategy.


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