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brands and content creators.

The Global. Influence team, formerly known as Bond148, establishes links between brands and content creators. To this end, we draw on our extensive experience in strategic consulting, public relations, media advisory and content production that, here, is used to boost the digital environment.


Through a careful selection of celebrities, experts, micro, mid and macro-influencers (whether or not we act for them), we develop creative influencer marketing strategies that establish a perfect match between the new opinion makers and the brands. This means that we can develop genuine narratives that expand the brand’s story and generate lasting engagement with the audience.


With our actions we help brands to build, position and enhance connections with the target demographic, capturing more leads and boosting sales. We also deal with all of the campaign management supported by digital marketing tools that are used to measure and provide transparent and tangible insights.

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Influencer marketing strategies

We develop and implement creative and authentic influencer marketing strategies that fit perfectly with your audience.



Our content strategies give creators the freedom to be authentic on the platforms where they have the most power. It’s not about advertising, it’s storytelling.


Matchmaking creators with content

For every brand there is a perfect content creator, and we know where to find them. We are the link between brands and content creators.



We bring the word to life, lifting content to another level. We combine storytelling with video and image production.


Reporting and analysis

We establish KPIs that measure the progress of campaigns, from start to finish, providing transparent and tangible insights.


Campaign Management

We manage campaigns from A to Z. Our team of campaign managers and content creators ensures full support during their execution, from strategy to reporting.


Paid media

We add value with the use of paid media in influencer marketing campaigns, thus ensuring the best results for brands.

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