James Martin’s – Relaunch

At the end of 2020, Global. managed all the communication for the exclusive relaunch in Portugal of James Martin’s whisky. James Martin is Moët Hennessy group company. In 2021, after the first launch phase at the end of 2020, we developed the 360º campaign, “De Pai Para Filho”, which included press relations, advertising investment strategy and influencer marketing in a Father’s Day campaign that brought together Paulo Pires, Gonçalo Uva and chef Carlos Afonso in a series of videos about their relationships with their parents – their experiences, teachings and values, including how to appreciate a good whisky. At the end of 2021, and continuing the work completed, the brand marked Scotland’s National Day — St. Andrew’s Day – with an event hosted by the Global. PR and Events team. There were 60 guests, including press and VIP, who had the opportunity to enjoy a food and whisky pairing. In 2022, we repeated the Father’s Day influencer marketing campaign with Paulo Pires, Gonçalo Uva and Tiago Froufe, under the logo “Like Father, Like Son”, in which they shared their similarities with their fathers, as well as their happiest memories.

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