José Maria da Fonseca

After a temporary project, in 2017, José Maria da Fonseca decided to choose Global. as his permanent communication agency from 2018. Over the years, the team has managed to impact the company, products and services in the wine sector media, but also in more diversified media, for example trade, lifestyle and economic.

Another aspect we have been working on is creating relationships between influencers and the brand, through various themed campaigns, obtaining results that went beyond expectations. This initiative follows the trend in the area of Public Relations that has been diversifying over the years – beyond communication with journalists, it involves communication with influencers, sommeliers and other relevant opinion leaders for Esporão’s business units (wines, wine tourism, hard seltzer and craft beer).

In addition to media advisory work, Global. has also played a key role in defining the positioning strategy for José Maria da Fonseca and its products and services through ongoing consultancy work. A presence in the major media outlets has been achieved through interviews and reports, positioning the spokespersons as benchmarks in their area of activity. This approach has not only guaranteed the brand significant media coverage but has also won it a prominent position in Portugal.

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