FIA Lisboa – The largest Multicultural event in the Iberian Peninsula

In 2018 Global. was commissioned by the AIP Foundation, to develop a communication strategy for the FIA — the largest multicultural event on the Iberian Peninsula. The aim was to publicize the new contemporary repositioning adopted, in order to attract a younger demographic and new exhibitors.

In order to respond to the more commercial aspect of the campaign, as a first approach we developed an institutional communication, promoting interviews and articles in the media. Then, in anticipation and to bring the target audience closer, we organized the first FIA TALKS, where we brought together Joana Vasconcelos, Filipe Faísca and Nuno Gama — who had pieces on display — in a debate on “Cultural Heritage in Contemporary Design”. For the event’s nine days, we also invited the writer Paula Bolllinger and the designer Nuno Matos Cabral to facilitate workshops in the FIL pavilion.

The result of all this work was more than 70,000 people coming to the event.

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