MINI, LEROY MERLIN, AKI, PRIO, Repsol Polimeros, Eureka Plast, Transportes Alves Barroco, SC Johnson, Bodyconcept and Depilconcept, among others, contributed to deliver more than 70,000 protective visors, free of charge, to hospitals, health units, nursing homes, security forces, firefighters, INEM, Prison Guards and Civil Protection.

There are more than 1000 entities, in Mainland Portugal, that have already benefited from the delivery of this equipment. To streamline the delivery logistics, MINI provided 8 MINIs and Transportes Alves Barroco provided its fleet. PRIO is offering the necessary fuel while LEROY MERLIN, AKI, Repsol Polimeros and Eureka Plast are supplying the necessary components for the production of the protective visors. After the start of industrial production, which was possible with the purchase of a plastic injection mould, production capacity increased significantly, however the demands are even higher. The production components’ supply is still insufficient for production capacity, and the movement is acquiring some materials with the donated funds. SC Johnson contributed with 15,000 euros this week and the Bodyconcept and Depilconcept clinics started a fundraising campaign in which 5% of purchases revert to the movement.

The movement, which started out as a group of makers who volunteered to use their 3D printers to build face protection visors and donate them to health professionals, who are at the forefront of the fight against Coronavirus in Portugal, is now one of the main solidarity movements to ensure the delivery of protective visors completely free of charge, being highlighted on the Portuguese Government’s “Estamos On” page. Any institution that is at the forefront of combating the pandemic or that provides services to risk groups can, on the movement’s website –, complete a request form and will be promptly contacted.

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