The “Tasting at Home” project, created by Aveleda and available on Instagram, promises to simplify the language of wine through free online workshops, in LIVE format. The workshops are held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7 pm at www.instagram.com/provas_em_casa.

At a time when the majority of the national population is confined at home, Francisca van Zeller, PR Manager at Aveleda, decided, together with other employees of the production her company, to create this cycle of free online workshops. The objective, in addition to sharing knowledge, is to communicate wine with the curious and enthusiastic, using simple language.

“The spirit of wine is sharing, emotion and experience. At Aveleda, we cultivate this spirit in the wines we produce and in the way we communicate. These workshops are a way of sharing knowledge of wine for those at home. Wine is a very diverse product, with many different styles, regions and varieties, the more you taste, the more knowledge you acquire and the more you travel. With these workshops we want to provide a journey for everyone who, at this time, cannot do so”, says Francisca.

The first workshop, held on March 16, was based on the basic steps of the tasting – which glasses to choose, the serving temperature and the six tasting steps – the next workshops already have chosen themes: wine styles, the characteristics of the different grape varieties, etc. According to the reactions she receives, Francisca adapts the contents of the workshops, always assisted by 4 people: Aveleda’s Public Relations team, who develops the content, and a designer who develops the graphics.

After the first workshops, the reactions could not have been better: “The feedback has been very positive. The language used is very simple, uncomplicated and very “homespun”. Wine must have these characteristics: it is something that is born from nature that belongs to all of us, transformed by those who are experienced and knowledgeable, and then shared with everyone. I think this has brought people together. Participants have felt free to share questions, what they liked, what they would like to see improved, etc. It has been very exciting”.

In the future, there will be guest participation but the workshops will be led by Francisca van Zeller.

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