It began as a group of “makers” who were ready to use their 3D printers to build face protection visors and donate them to health professionals in the front line of the fight against Coronavirus in Portugal. They were joined by partners and suppliers of components needed for production. In just a few weeks the movement was able to produce 1000 visors per day with 3D printing. The purchase of 1 plastic injection mold and the offer of another one for free has led to an industrial production capacity, counting on an average production of 10 thousand visors per day.

Hospitals, health units, homes, security forces, firemen, INEM, Prison Guards and Civil Protection can request facial protection visors free of charge. The process is simple, on the movement’s page – – institutions fill out a request form and are contacted promptly. At this moment among the “maker” community, partners, suppliers, volunteers and ambassadors, more than 100 people are directly involved in the movement.

With the increased capacity and the stocks of partners exhausted, SOSCovid now has the need to raise funds to acquire the materials necessary for production and to cope with logistics operations. A crowdfunding campaign was therefore launched with a goal of raising 20,000 euros –

For the mentors of the movement, Nuno Rosado and Ricardo Cascalheira “the entry into the manufacturing phase through plastic injection molds brings added challenges. We have more capacity and so we also need more materials, such as elastics and acetates. And for that we need more funds to cover these expenses and the logistics that will certainly arise.

SOS Covid also wants to raise awareness in the community

In addition to the production and donation of visors, the movement now has the support of several ambassadors who have helped, not only in raising awareness of the cause, but also in social awareness in the fight against the pandemic. Nuno Markl, Ricardo Pereira, João Garcia, Gonçalo Câmara, Nuno Delgado, Mário Rui, Marta Leite Castro, Carla Andrino, Joana Duarte, Nuno Gama, António Félix da Costa, Joana Lemos, Beto Pimparel, Pedro Granger, Luís Borges, Luísa Beirão, Paula Lobo Antunes are already some of the spokespeople of the movement.

The movement has dynamized the community with initiatives such as Friends Fundrace by AFC13 & TM18, a virtual race, which took place on April 2nd, with drivers Tiago Monteiro and António Félix da Costa, which resulted in the raising of EUR 10,000.

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