After the donation of protective visors for health professionals in Portugal, the solidarity movement SOS COVID has already started sending visors to some PALOP countries, namely São Tomé e Príncipe and Cape Verde. Each of these countries has already received 5,000 visors but the requests total 40,000 visors also include Angola.

For São Tomé e Príncipe, SOS COVID has already managed to send 5,000 visors, the same number sent to Cape Verde, which requested 20,000 visors in total. In the case of Angola, the first request totals 15,000 visors.

Ana Lima Barber, SOS COVID’s Ambassador and Cape Verdean native, praises SOS COVID’s mission and the contribution that the donated visors will have to the Cape Verdean community: “As part of your mission – SOS COVID, which aims to contribute, with health supplies, in order to ensure that health professionals, public security agents, and employees of establishments working mainly with risk groups, have, at all times, equipment that protects them and minimizes the risks of being infected with Covid-19, from the point of view of social entrepreneurs in solidarity, from the most diverse professional areas, I would like first of all to congratulate you for this noble gesture. In this context, and following the challenge to Dr. Nuno Delgado and myself, Dr. Ana Barber, as Ambassadors of SOS COVID, to make possible the officialization of this Solidarity Campaign in Cape Verde, with the Government, I hereby confirm that, after the official contact, I was assured total availability and openness to embrace this noble gesture”.

The movement, which began as a group of “makers” who were ready to use their 3D printers to build face protection visors and donate them to health professionals who are at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus in Portugal, is today one of the main solidarity movements to work on the delivery of face protection visors completely free of charge, and is highlighted on the page “We are on” of the Portuguese Government. The visors are produced by injection and, to cope with the number of orders, SOS COVID had to make an investment to have greater production capacity.

In the production of the face protection visors, SOS COVID has counted on the contribution of three partners: Nimaia, which makes the injection of the visors, Transportes Alves Barroco, which makes all the deliveries of the visors, and Dura Plásticos, which supplies us with the Front Part of the Visors – PET.

Any institution that is in the front line in the fight against the pandemic or that is a provider of services to groups at risk can, on the movement’s webpage – – , fill out a request form and are promptly contacted.

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