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Official Harley-Davidson dealers in Portugal intended to launch a local initiative that emphasized the exclusive and unique character of the brand’s motorcycles and which would have major media impact.


The strategy followed was to think of an iconic Portuguese brand with characteristics in common with Harley-Davidson, an iconic brand worldwide.

The choice fell on Xutos & Pontapés since rock is part of the imagery of Harley-Davidson.  Official Harley-Davidson Dealers in Portugal launched an exclusive XL Iron 883 Special Edition for the Portuguese market to celebrate 35 years of Xutos & Pontapés. These “Harley-Davidson Special Xutos & Pontapés Edition” featured fuel tanks personalized with the band’s logo and with exclusive paintings that reflected their spirit and identity. Xutos & Pontapés were involved in the various phases of the creative process for the development of the paintings in this exclusive edition, from the stage of discussing the ideas and messages they intended to transmit to the final execution phase carried out by the painter Miguel Leiria.

For the launch of the Special Edition, an event was organized at the official Harley-Davidson dealer in Lisbon where the band was present.


The launch event was attended by hundreds of guests amongst the press and the brand’s customers. Dozens of articles have been published on the motorcycles.

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