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Evora Africa is a festival celebrating African culture and where more than 150 contemporary artists, musicians and performers from the African continent came together to showcase their culture and artistic heritage. It was a project co-financed under Portugal 20/20, the Alentejo 20/20 operational programme and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The festival has received artists from several countries, namely the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ivory Coast, Madagascar, Mali, Mozambique, Senegal, South Africa, Burkina Faso, among others. The contemporary art exhibition “African Passions”, the first held in Portugal, curated by André Magnin and Philippe Boutté, was on display at the Palacio de Cadaval throughout the festival and was accompanied by a vast programme of music and concerts directed by Alain Weber and Alcides Nascimento. It also included an educational program which featured music and dance workshops, lectures and conferences focusing on African art, culture and heritage.

Global Press was tasked with developing a strategy involving Media Relations, Public Relations and Digital Marketing in order to publicize the project and gain public support. All graphical elements associated with the Festival were also designed by Global Press


In order to publicize the 1st edition of the project, Global Press developed, in the first phase, institutional communication with interviews and in-depth articles in the press.

Later we developed a strategy focused on the scope of the project, the various programs and featured names.


Hundreds of results achieved in press, television, online and social networks. These results were achieved before the event, in order to capture the audience, during the 3 months of the event, focusing on the programming, and after the Festival, conveying the success of the event and the objectives achieved.



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