About This Project



BOND is the link between brands and the best digital influencers. Through a coherent, assertive and consistent methodology we define a narrative that goes beyond experiences and emotions. We intend to be part of your brand’s history. Always connected. We focus our work on tangible data and results that finds the right influencer for the desired audience.

The goal is to create greater engagement with the audience through a Social Media Strategy, correctly targeted and filtered by the right influencers to communicate the brand. The vectors of implementation rely on an accurate community management and content production in an organic, natural and creative way. Native ads become a new way to communicate providing a positive impact on user experience.

BOND’s services are based on Influence Marketing where, through our network of influencers, we propose to create a connection with their followers, boosting sales and consequently capturing more leads. Our content solutions are the best ways to build relationships with the audience in a market increasingly saturated with information. We believe that through a good story your brand will have even more impact, a more supportive community and greater share rate on social networks.

Share your story and we find the right storytellers.

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