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Catarina Siqueira

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Catarina Siqueira is an actress and producer, graduated in acting from Act School, she works in theater, television and cinema. Her professional career in fiction began on TVI, where she joined the cast of the 8th series of “Morangos com Açúcar”, after which she participated in the film of the series and followed several projects as producer and actress in telenovelas, short films, as well as participation in talent shows and reality shows. On stage, she made her professional debut in 2007 with the show “High School Musical” and, subsequently, she joined the cast of several musical shows, highlighting “Alice: The Other Side of the Story”, an immersive experience that she headed as lead actress and production director. Catarina is also the director of O Meu Lugar – an immersive theater group – and the mother of Luz.

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