Nic von Rupp started surfing when he was only 9 years old and since early on his willpower and perseverance led him to a successful career with many national and international titles. Following his professional career, he began traveling the world in the World Qualifying Series and was named “European Surfer of the Year” in 2013. He was awarded a silver medal at the ISA World Surfing Games and his victory at the Moche Rip Curl Pro Trials allowed him to compete on surfing’s biggest stage, the World Championship Tour, in Portugal. As the years went by, his desire to surf big waves led him to overcome his limits in waves like Nazaré, Maverick and Jaws. For his performance, Nic was awarded with the best performance at the WSL Big Wave Awards in 2019 and 2020. Also in 2019, he won the “Wave of the Season”, “Biggest Wipeout” and “Best Tube” awards at the XXL EDP Mar Sem Fim. In 2021, he achieved 2nd place in the WSL Nazaré Challenge, considered one of the most dangerous events in the world. In the same year, he was among the 21 most influential people of 2021 by the largest surf publication in the world, Stab Magazine. In 2022, he achieved 1st place in the WSL Nazaré Challenge. For Nic, chasing the biggest waves in the world leads him to be better every day, and in his achievements we highlight the Forbs 30 Under 30 ranking of the Dach region in the sports category, speaker in TED Talks, the Youtube series “Von Froth”, with several projects including for the Tourism of Portugal, protagonist of the HBO series “100 Foot Wave”, “My Road Series” in the National Geographic channel, the documentary and book “The Rail Road”, and campaigns for several international brands such as Nike and Tudor. Nic also has a brand of surf accessories, Brusco.

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