At a time when thousands of people were still confined at home, in social isolation, the judoka and Olympic medallist Nuno Delgado revealed some of the secrets of Training for Life (TPV), so that everyone can inspire themselves to be better every day. The Masterclass was broadcast live at

Divided into three themes – Training secrets for life (TPV) at home, The power of invisible training at home and Practical training tips for life (TPV) at home – this Masterclass intended to provide useful tips to react positively to adversities, namely in Covid-19 times. Nuno Delgado addressed values such as resilience, self-control, respect, discipline, among others that top athletes, and others, implement in their daily lives.

Theme #1 Secrets of training for life (TPV) at home: Nuno Delgado prepared a model based on several Olympic experiences, which he designated as training for life (TPV). Inspired by the Spirit of the Samurai, the judoka has revealed some of the training secrets he considers essential for a personal routine aiming for success, where resilience, self-control and respect, among other values, are included.

Theme #2 The power of invisible training at home: The capacity for regeneration and the balance between body and mind, are some of the paths explored in high performance sports, among others. Nuno Delgado revealed some lessons to learn how to react positively to adversities, namely, in a covid-19 context, and to make the most of one’s energy potential.

Theme #3 Practical tips for life training (TPV) at home: Nuno Delgado shared concrete examples of important routines and habits to implement in this new form of daily life, from mobility and breathing exercises, mindfulness, hydration, personal diet, cryotherapy and other important strategies, for the daily life of all those who seek his support.

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