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Forward College, as an international college whose main European hub is in Lisbon, first asked Global. for a one-off, three-month communication project. For that first moment, a communication plan was drawn up, adjusted to the period in question, press releases were prepared and distributed with the project’s main messages and proposals were made for interviews with strategic media – an example of the qualitative results achieved is the extensive report published in the monthly magazine Exame.

Later, Forward College also requested the publication of an opinion piece co-signed by Boris Walbaum, the institution’s founder and CEO, which was published in the leading newspaper Expresso. As a result of a fortuitous collaboration, another request came in, with Global communicating Forward College’s new academic director – the highlight of which was a wide-ranging interview published in the ECO newspaper.

About Forward College

Forward College is a higher education institution launched in 2021, with a teaching program in three different cities (Lisbon, Paris and Berlin). The program offers double degrees (BA + certificates), double BAs and single BAs combining academic excellence and the development of other forms of human intelligence (practical, social or emotional) in a spirit of positive leadership to create the leaders of tomorrow. The school also offers world-class degrees, developed under the academic direction of the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) (Business Management, Economics & Politics, Economics, Politics & International Relations, Data Science & Business Analytics) and King’s College London (Psychology). It is an innovative approach to education with a strong international, intercultural and human dimension, with one goal at heart: to accompany the younger generation in their search for meaning.

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