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As part of “FC art – when fashion meets art”, the artistic initiative that establishes a bridge between the cultural worlds of Fashion and the Arts through the creation of site specifics in the FC Concept Store spaces, Fashion Clinic commissioned Global. to develop a new proposal that would enhance the communication of the initiative and, therefore, attract more people. We began by introducing the artist Julião Sarmento, the name chosen for this 4th year of the event, with whom we worked together on the concept and dynamics.

The artist’s work went beyond the specific site to the creation of a limited edition t-shirt – 300 items numbered, signed items. The full sale value of the t-shirt went to the Portuguese Institute of Oncology and involved the participation of 39 public figures, journalists, artists and businessmen who posed individually with the t-shirt for a photo session that, later, led to an in-store exhibition. Clearly targeting the dynamics between the digital and the physical, Global. sought to use this idea to create more communication opportunities that culminated in an event to present the exhibition to the press, VIP guests and friends. The results achieved surpassed previous years, both in media space and in public relations and sales.

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