Bairro Alto Hotel – 18.68 Cocktail Bar

The challenge that Global. was set by the Bairro Alto Hotel was to get the 18.68 Cocktail Bar onto the map of the city of Lisbon’s most trendy spots. Our action strategy was divided into two stages. The first stage took place just over two weeks prior to the opening, with a group of journalists invited to attend the inauguration event of the new BAH outlet, which took place on 18 May. Among those present were the main media linked to gastronomy and lifestyle (Boa Cama, Boa Mesa, Público-Fugas, Visão, Saturday, Versa, MAGG, etc.), and we also managed to get a report on TV. Stage two, in the weeks that followed, involved inviting small groups of journalists who due to scheduling issues, were unable to be present at the inauguration.

From that point, several articles were published, not only about the space and its inauguration, but also about its cocktails. In this way, we made sure that the news coverage of this project in the main national media in the area would cover all stages.

18.68 Cocktail Bar

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