BOND 148 is an influence Marketing Agency powered by Global Press, establishing the link between brands and digital influencers. Benefiting from our extensive experience in strategic consulting, public relations, media relations and content production, BOND 148’s mission is now to drive innovation in the digital sphere

We develop creative influence marketing strategies, finding the perfect match between influencers and brands. We believe in the authenticity of the influencers we select and in genuine narratives that amplify a brand’s history, generating a lasting involvement with its audience.

We help brands build, position and leverage links with their target audience, detecting more leads and boosting sales. We develop and manage creative and strategic campaigns supported by digital marketing tools that allow us to measure and provide transparent and tangible insights.


Influence marketing strategies

We develop and implement creative and authentic influence marketing strategies.

Influencer matchmaking

For every brand there is a perfect influencer and we know where to find him or her. We are the link between brands and influencers.


Our content strategies give influencers the freedom to be authentic on the platforms where they have most power. It's not about advertising, it's about storytelling.


We take content to another level, combining storytelling with image and video production.

Campaign management

We manage campaigns from A to Z. Our team of campaign managers and influencers ensures all the support during campaign execution, from strategy to reporting.

Reporting and analysis

We establish KPI guidelines and goals for each campaign. This is how we guarantee success. We measure progress from start to finish and provide transparent and tangible insights.

Paid media

We add value by using paid media in influence marketing campaigns, ensuring the best results for brands.

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