Isabel Jorge de Carvalho

Partner and CEO

With journalistic experience in the economic field, Isabel went on to develop communication and Public Relations projects, mainly in the luxury, lifestyle, culture and corporate areas. She was also an entrepreneur in several companies before founding Global Press.

Rui Geraldo Elias


Rui’s experience in lifestyle journalism was followed by a long period in the area of communication and Public Relations, working on international projects, especially in the fields of institutional communication, presentation of new concepts, new product placement in the national market and events organisation.


Global Press Team

Founded by Isabel Jorge de Carvalho and Rui Elias with the objective of creating a company that would provide a follow-on to their broad experience in the area of journalism and communication, specializing in the business and institutional sectors, with its own philosophy that sets it apart and allows for a more personalized, exclusive contact with its range of clients. Global Press gives priority, above all, to dynamic and creative team members who think outside the box.

Global Press is staffed with a multidisciplinary team of committed professionals in the field of communication and public relations, having established several partnerships with companies in a variety of areas,thereby ensuring a wide range of associated services linked to its core business.