• Date

    11 of December of 2017



What do they have in common a cocktail of hot and velvety rum, a frozen frappe with a sugar cane or a creamy eggnog with rye infusion? All of them were the starting point to elect the top 10 worldwide of Christmas cocktails for this year.


This list includes creations such as Spiced Apple Crumble or Mulled Margarita, presents by a Diageo World Class, the enterprise that every years tributs the Beste Bartender of the year price.


One of the important criteria, taken into consideration in choosing this selection of cocktails, is the ease of being prepared at home. Thanks to the inputs of hundreds of top bartenders from around the world, the 2017 selection combines the old and the new, offering the perfect cocktail regardless of the holiday mood.



the suggestions fot the party moments are the cocktail Champagne Cosmo, of Kaitlyn Stewart (Bartender 2017), it’s a classic option that match champaign and vodka Cîroc.

Ainda nesta categoria, as sugestões recaem sobre os cocktails Candy Cane Cocktail (com infusão de menta e vodka Ketel One) e o Zacapa Hot Rum Punch, um cocktail quente de rum, perfeito para a época do Natal e para aquecer o corpo nos dias mais gelados.



Thinking about the Christmas dinner, the cocktail Mulled Margarita, elevates the classic red wine category with spices and the mote to start the meal envolve in Christmas Spirit.

Outra opção a considerar é o Martinez, um clássico à base de gin, reconhecido como ‘o pai do Martini’. Subtilmente mais acre e capaz de limpar o palato, é um bom aliado pré-refeição.



No list of Christmas cocktails is complete without one of the most charismatic drinks – eggnog. In that point, stands out the cocktail Nutty Rye Eggnog on the top of the list. With a old touch, with Bulleit whisky and the creaminessde of a Guinness Dublin Porter, egg and sugar to achieve a simple, elegant and decadent cocktail.


All of the suggestions ensure a satisfying holiday season, flavours in perfect balance, so we can live this holiday season in a relaxed way with the company of family and friends. Still, if none of this works out, choose the Scotch, in a simple version or with ice, this cocktail it’s a secure option for the evenings by the fireplace.



All Cocktails of the Top 10 Christmas Cocktails, as well as the recipes and videos on their preparation can be found here: