• Date

    28 of December of 2016

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Gastronomy is the central theme of the Agenda Esporão 2017. From January to December, there are twelve gastronomic proposals to discover and make. The recipes and the suggestion of harmonization of wines and olive oils are the collaborators of Esporão and the illustrations of the architect Ana Gil.

With ink-of-china and watercolors of a thousand colors, Ana Gil cooked the lines and shapes of twelve recipes. From the Octopus to the Lagareiro da Ana Maria, to the Enlaçado de Perú de Natal by Catarina Santos, there are delicious and inspiring proposals. The agenda materializes the link of the Esporão to the Portuguese food and reinforces the team spirit of the group.

The invitation to Ana Gil comes after a visit to the Esporão restaurant, which illustrated some of the dishes. The architect expressed her fascination with the design and enthusiasm for gastronomy culminating in a mutual will to collaborate. The Agenda Esporão 2017 was the pretext and the right opportunity.

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The Esporão 2017 agendas are available at the Herdade do Esporão wine tourism store.