Quinta de Chocapalha extends portfolio with CH by Chocapalha Branco wine

  • Date

    14 of March of 2017

CH by Chocapalha branco, 2015, is the younger brother of the Chocapalha family. The Arinto single market recently arrived at the market and reinforces the positioning of quality wines with potential for evolution. CH by Chocapalha is born of a tribute to the matriarch of the family, Alice Tavares da Silva, a Swiss who fell in love with a Portuguese and Portugal.


The vineyards of CH by Chocapalha branco, 25 years old, were planted by the Tavares da Silva family, who acquired a secular farm at Aldeia Galega in Alenquer at the end of the 1980s and invested in the restructuring of the 45 hectares of vineyard and in the winery. The couple Alice and Paulo Tavares da Silva and the three daughters – Sofia, Andrea and Sandra – keep the vision of a family project.Quinta da Chocapalha is a proof of love, the result of the dedication of a family to a house with a lot of history and where the vine and wine play a decisive role.


CH by Chocapalha branco was the missing pair to the Touriga Nacional monocasta, a wine launched in 2008, made from the first vineyard planted by the family in Quinta de Chocapalha. The bet on 100% national grape varieties was maintained. The freshness, purity and strong character of the Arinto variety, characteristics adored by the Tavares da Silva family, dictated the new white CH by Chocapalha.

With a fine, elegant aroma of citric notes and minerals, CH by Chocapalha Branco 2015 reveals excellent acidity and surprises with a long finish. The freshness, the gastronomic appetite and the potential of aging attribute promise to be a reference in the Lisbon Region.


CH BY CHOCAPALHA BRANCO, 2015 – P.V.P. aproximate – 22€