• Date

    17 of February of 2017

Model Updates:

  •  A new and aggressive Harley-Davidson® custom bagger
  • Contemporary style visible on the mini-handlebar, elongated shoulder bags, lowered profile and blacked-out paint Powered by the new Milwaukee-Eight engine, which offers more torque, torque and acceleration
  • New front forks and rear shock absorbers provide greater control and ride comfort
  •  Four fantastic color options


1) Introduction

2) Highlights

3) Details

1) Introdution
For many drivers Road King is “the classic Harley-Davidson® touring”. And your silhouette tells a story. This is a design that withstood the test of time with roots dating back to 1949 when the first of the line – designated FL – went to the road.
For 2017 Harley-Davidson added a new chapter creating the Road King Special, a machine that transpires a new and bold attitude. With its lowered style it presents a completely different look.
Brad Richards, Harley-Davidson Vice-President of Styling & Design:
“The FL series has always reflected the purity of the Harley-Davidson experience.When changing the chrome surfaces to black and lowering the profile of the bike, we have changed the traditional Road King to a new space that is very present in the custom bagger”
Harley-Davidson Europe Ltd
6000 Garsington Road, Oxford, OX4 2DQ, United Kingdom

2) Highlights
Bathed in black and powered by the 1750cc Milwaukee-Eight ™ engine, the new Road King Special pushes the Harley-Davidson Touring line in a new direction of style, expressing a modern perspective on the classic Road King model.

Compatible with the style and upgraded engine is the 19-inch front wheel and suspension. The new internal elements of the fork provide better damping control while the rear dampers are fully redesigned with hydraulic spring pre-set (instead of air).

The Road King Special will be available in 4 color options:

 Vivid Black

 Charcoal Denim Hot Rod Red Flake Hard Candy Custom ™

 Olive Gold.

3) Details
3.1 Style
A dark front topped by a huge bright black headlamp nacelle is the most striking element of the Road King Special. Plus a new 9-inch tall mini-ape handlebar that puts the driver in an aggressive posture but is also comfortable on long trips.
Road King Special’s engine protection system, handlebars, manual controls, mirrors, engine covers, air filter cover, mufflers and exhaust shields also feature black surfaces. The chrome is retained only on a few key components of the engine to emphasize the iconic V-Twin shape of the Milwaukee-Eight engine.
The new Turbine cast aluminum black wheels are 19 inches ahead and are covered by a low-profile mudguard. At the rear, the elongated shoulder bags flow over the mufflers to offer a lowered look without reducing the suspension stroke. A rear panel fills the space between the saddlebags and the rear bumper, and a low-mount license plate completes the narrow, recessed lines of the rear.
The Harley-Davidson Smart Security System is standard on the Road King Special.

3.2 Motor
New to all Harley-Davidson Touring 2017 bikes, the Milwaukee-Eight engine delivers faster throttle response, more power, cleaner sound, smoother driving and more of the feel drivers want from a Harley- Davidson Touring.


The Road King Special is the first model to feature the Milwaukee-Eight with an all-black finish.

 More binary

Each Milwaukee-Eight engine produces 10% more torque than the engine it replaced on the Touring models. The Milwaukee-Eight engine features a higher compression ratio and four valves per cylinder with 50 percent more inlet and exhaust flow capacity. Double spark plugs for each cylinder contribute to more efficient combustion.

 Faster acceleration

The Milwaukee-Eight engine weighs the same as the engines it replaced so that all of its extra power directly contributes to improving acceleration performance. The Milwaukee-Eight 107 accelerates 11 percent faster from 0-60 mph – equal to an improvement of two to three bikes – and 11 percent faster from 60-80 mph in top gear, equal to an improvement in length one to two bikes.

 Heat Management

The Milwaukee-Eight engine offers improved thermal comfort for both driver and passenger due to reduced heat absorption, increased heat rejection and a redesigned exhaust system. The Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine has a precision cooling strategy that aims for an oil flow around the warmer areas of the cylinder heads. A new beat sensor for each cylinder allows for more precise time control. The rear exhaust pipe is repositioned and the catalytic converter is transferred to ward off the passenger’s heat. The idle speed is reduced from 1,000 rpm to 850 rpm.


 Improved Adjustment

A new, slimmer “primary drive cover” and the low-profile shape of the air filter cover provide more room for the driver’s legs and easier reach to the ground. All Milwaukee-Eight engine models are equipped with an Assist and Slip clutch with enhanced hydraulic actuation.

 Vibration Reduction

The Milwaukee-Eight rubber-mounted engine has a single internal counterbalance that 75% of idle primary vibration for a more refined feel and a more comfortable experience for the driver and passengers while retaining the classic character of Harley® V-Twin engines.

 Most Expensive

Escape Note Lighter valves, a single camshaft, optimized cover designs and improved transmission components greatly reduce engine mechanical noise. The engine inlet and air filter are designed to reduce the incoming sound, ensuring maximum airflow. As a result, the new Milwaukee-Eight engine is mechanically quieter, allowing for a richer exhaust tone that meets all noise and global emissions standards, while allowing the unmistakable roar of its exhaust note to resonate.

 Improved loading

The Milwaukee-Eight engine loading system offers 50% more battery output at idle to better support the charging needs of Touring drivers, including accessory lighting, audio performance, heated equipment and other accessories.

3.3 Chassis
The comfort and control of the Road King Special is enhanced by the new front and rear suspension components featured on all Harley-Davidson Touring 2017 bikes. Rear shock absorbers with new emulsion technology offer 15 to 30% more preload adjustment than the previous standard Touring dampers. The front suspension features a new double-bending valve suspension technology that delivers the damping performance of a racing-style fork with linear and low weight damping characteristics. Reflex Brakes Linked with ABS provide powerful braking performance.

For more information on the Road King Special, the Milwaukee-Eight engine and the entire Harley-Davidson Touring range: http://h-dimediakit.com/