Starts in Lisbon the first edition of the script 3,2,1 Hora Aperol

  • Date

    03 of May of 2017

The italian appetizer wants to create a trend in Portugal

The 1st Edition of the Roadmap # 3,2,1 Hora Aperol starts on May 4 at 6pm at the newly opened Aperol Kiosk in Lisbon (Largo Duque de Cadaval in Rossio). To refresh the late summer afternoon, the most famous Italian appetizer in the world brings the ‘#HoraAperol’ to the capital. These afterworks with Aperol Spritz, Tapas and music take place every Thursday in a space in Lisbon during the months of May, June, July and September.

The events Hora Aperol 3,2,1 are moments that bring people together and provide relaxed moments of friendship among friends, evoking the famous “Aperitivo Italiano”. From 6pm a friend can “offer” one glass to another since for each Aperol Spritz served, two tapas and a second Aperol Spritz will be offered. Aperol Spritz is a cocktail made with two parts of Aperol, three parts of sparkling wine and one part of sparkling water, and served with a slice of orange and ice, presenting as a perfect summer cocktail with low alcohol content and perfect for accompanying snacks or snacks.

Aperol is a lively drink that evokes the Italian way of life, from sunset time (“Aperitivo”) to “piazzas” nights. Lisbon, with its light, its “piazzas” and its casual and relaxed spirit, is a city of Aperol par excellence, therefore it is the choice to carry out the first edition of the # 3,2,1 Hora Aperol. They selected 9 places, all over the city, which have in common the fact that they are wanted by Lisboetas to “drink a glass at the end of the day” in the famous sunny and light-filled evenings. To know where the next #AirAll time will happen, it will suffice to visit the website weekly

Aperol was released in 1919 by the Barbieri Brothers, and quickly became one of the favorite Spirits in Italy. It has a unique flavor thanks to the secret recipe that has never changed, with infusions of ingredients that include bitter oranges and sweet and many other herbs (including Rhubarb) and roots, conjugated in perfect harmony. Nowadays it is the bestseller Spirit in Italy and enjoys a strong growth internationally.

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