• Date

    06 of December of 2016

“I think the best is yet to come, so the best is what follows.”


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Your Story

Lara Vidreiro, one of our co-founders, is the main story of December. At a time when we celebrate the achievements and make wishes for the coming year, discover Lara’s inspiring journey and her aspirations for the future.

Born: Lisbon

Lives: Lisbon

Profession: Co-founder of Chic by Choice.

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What inspired you to start your career?

Realizing that the fact that a personal need is potentially the need of many other women was certainly an inspiration. Knowing that I work every day with a mission is very important. And this mission is to give more confidence to all women to feel beautiful in the most important moments of their lives without having to invest too much in a dress.

Describe 3 characteristics necessary to do your job well:

I think that in order to do my job it is necessary to have several characteristics, but the most important ones are the passion for what I do, capacity for implementation and organization.

The best place to find it after work:

A good restaurant next to the people I love the most.

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What is the best app you are currently using?

On a daily basis I use various apps, many of them work-related. But surely Instagram is the most complete. It allows me to share moments with the people I like best and to inspire myself with everything that goes on in the world in a relaxed and visual way.

What is your facet that most people do not know?

I love decorating and painting.

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What makes you feel confident?

A special dress.

How to define your own style of dress?

I’m very feminine in my style. And I’m in love with dresses. The day they do not see me wearing a dress or a skirt, something goes wrong. I enjoy exploring floral patterns and vibrant colors but it’s with neutral colors where I feel more comfortable.

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Tell us about your greatest achievement to date.

Get up every day and know that I do what I like and that I am surrounded by incredible people in all spheres of my life.

Do you have a life mantra?

Luck is a lot of work.

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