• Date

    21 of June of 2017

The Workshops for the next day July 9 in several stores of DEBORLA

DeBORLA, the portuguese chain of stores specializing in household items, will hold several free workshops to better streamline the “Kitchen & Living” campaign that began on June 15 and runs through July 11. The workshops will take place in several DeBORLA stores until next July 9, with participation in them free of charge, and only necessary to join the Club DeBORLA card (also free).

The themes of the workshops will be very varied, from “Late Afternoon Tapas”; “Cake Design – Saborices”; “Mission: Chef!”, “Summer Drinks”; among many others. All the workshops will be guided by professionals who are respected in their respective areas, already well aware of these dynamics that take place in structured spaces in the different stores, in order to bring to DeBORLA clients the best of this range, combined with the techniques and suggestions of the trainers.

The new “Kitchen & Living” catalog from DeBORLA is an opportunity to transform your kitchen into an elegant and functional space with modern design objects of superior quality, highlighting organic products, keeping up with current trends, and taking yes what is the most current

With DeBORLA products, it is possible to continuously monitor the latest trends, since with each new catalog, the brand innovates and surprises. The diversity of products of DeBORLA allows to satisfy the most diverse personal tastes.