• Date

    01 of March of 2017

Jorge Serôdio Borges was elected the ‘Winemaker of the Year 2016’ by the Wine Magazine. For the 20th consecutive year the editorial team of the publication met with consensus and elected the best in the sector. The durien winemaker has won one of the most ambitious ‘Oscars of Wine’ and according to the publication ‘in 2016 his wines reached very high levels of quality’.


At the age of 44, Jorge Serôdio Borges is divided among several projects, in the Douro he commands the oenology of Quinta do Passadouro and Quinta de Maritávora and in Dão he created, with two other renowned oenologists, Jorge Moreira (Poeira) and Francisco Olazabal (Quinta do Vale Meão), the MOB project, an acronym for Moreira, Olazabal and Borges initials. However, it is in his personal project Wine & Soul, along with his wife and winemaker Sandra Tavares da Silva, that Jorge has achieved an unprecedented international recognition.


The ‘Best of the Year 2016’ Gala also Award of Excellence to Quinta da Manoella Vinhas Velhas Red 2014, a red duriense fruit of the common work of Jorge and Sandra in Wine & Soul and that reveals to be the maximum expression of the identity and quality of the century-old vine that gives origin to it.