• Date

    27 of July of 2016

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In 2016, the Pilot Watches year, the Watch TOP GUN Miramar is equipped with a simple date window instead of a triple date display and receives a combined counter hours and minutes. The new Mark XVIII TOP GUN Miramar joins in 2016, the proud Pilot Watches Miramar squad. Both the Miramar models receive, this year, the green strap, replacing the soft strap.


Global-Press_IWC_Mark-XVIII TOP GUN MiramarGlobal-Press_IWC_Mark-XVIII_ TOP GUN Miramar back


When IWC Schaffhausen presented for the first time in 2012, two line clocks TOP GUN Miramar, its unusual design was in charge to cause astonishment. On the one hand, the watches had a distinctly military appearance, on the other, the outside edge displayed the minutes and seconds, while the hours were read in a separate inner red circle. The dial design was inspired by the historical observation watches (also called Ob watches.) of the 1930s and 1940s; at that time, it was important for long-haul flights to read exactly the minutes and seconds in the Ob watches. to determine the astronomical position. The military look again recalled the birthplace of the Top Gun legend, the aviation school of the US Navy in Miramar, California.

Since its introduction, the TOP GUN Miramar watches integrated with success in the IWC collection and are an indispensable part of the pilot’s watches squad. This year the news is the sports leather strap of recorded green calf. The experts will surely remind it: The Mark 11 has been marketed for decades with green nylon bracelets, called “Nato Straps” that marked the look of the watch. With the new strap skin, IWC takes into account the aesthetics and satisfies the high quality of this, once the calf skin is stronger than nylon. Crowns and buttons as well as the clock background are made of titanium and refer to the close affinity with the TOP GUN line. A sumptuous recording Top Gun decorates the background of both clocks.