• Date

    09 of June of 2017

The Oitavos Hotel will promote a Workshop on Paleo Food on June 16th from 11am to 2pm. The Workshop will be given by Camila Balbi, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and co-author of the book “Arriving New to Old”.


In this workshop, Camila Balbi will present the benefits of the Paleo diet and the ingredients used in this type of diet. The Integrative Nutrition Health Coach will further explain how the Paleolithic and Alkaline Food Regimen can not only prevent and treat diseases but also promote health at more advanced ages. The goal is to change the perspective we have on food and how it can lead us to reach a very different level of well-being and health.


Camila Balbi says: “I’m in love with food and what it can do for us. I believe that what we put in our body has an incredible effect on how we feel physically and mentally. Life has to be fun, and through nutrition and self-love, we give our bodies the tools we need to live the crazy life we ​​have today. “


The price per person for the workshop is € 59 and includes lunch, the book “Get Old to New” and even the Day Use of the hotel pool.

Registration for the workshop should be done by telephone: 21 486 00 20.

The Workshop will count with the support of MOLHA PÃO – Quinta de Agricultura Biológica: