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    19 of March of 2015

At the 12th edition of Essência do Vinho – the largest national wine event – which took place in Oporto on 26th February to 1st March, the centenary Vasques de Carvalho, “premium” Port and Douro wine brand,  presented itself in a harmonized test by João Rodrigues, Michelin star Chef and responsible for Feitoria at Altis Belém Hotel & Spa, and Jaime Costa, Vasques de Carvalho’s oenologist in Salão Árabe do Palácio da Bolsa.

Chef João Rodrigues, Mickael Moreira e António Gonçalves

Chef João Rodrigues sidestepped the obvious and started the tasting with a 40 year old Tawny Vasques de Carvalho. A wine whose aromas of caramel and honey have combined perfectly with the foie gras and the “make-believe” cherries , made with foie gras and caramelized hazelnuts.

For the whites, had the role the Oshun Douro DOC white 2013 a wine whose freshness, acidity and minerality was reinforced by the acidity and freshness of green apple and celery, ingredients that accompanied the blue lobster and chicken skin.

The red, the Oxum Douro D.O.C. 2012, which accompanied the wild sea bass in one further evidence that a red can be served with a dish of sea notes. In continuation of the tasting, the X Bardos Douro DOC 2012 was elected to escort goatling milk and pearl barley of Iberian chorizo. A dish that to the chef represents the memories of our grandparents kitchen.

For pre-dessert, toucinho do céu with a slight citrus tang, in contrast to the sweetness of wood and vanilla from the Tawny Port 10 years. For the outcome of the tasting, one Cimbalino combined Tawny 40 years, chocolate, caramel, cream and petazetas, goodies that invite a trip to the adolescence of João Rodrigues and to some of the guests.



With a history dating back to the mid-nineteenth century, Vasques de Carvalho family, delivered to wine production in the Douro left, in 1880, by order of Jose Vasques de Carvalho, the harvest of that year saved. 135 Years later, the same crop, resting on old wooden cask , will be bottled in a short time and presented in a special limited edition of 750 bottles made throught an artisan method.

Vasques de Carvalho reborn thus, from a rich legacy of a family to a Port and Douro wine brand, by decision of the great-grandson of Anthony and his partner and childhood friend, Luis Vale, in an investment of 4.8 million euros. The company is since 2012 producing wines, but only now presents them to the market. The wines are directed to a premium niche market, with very limited productions in custom handmade bottles. The image and packaging of this producer has the signature of the renowned wine branding expert , Rita Rivotti.

Besides Portugal, Germany, UK, USA, Brazil, Canada and China are also target countries to the brand. Foreign markets are expected to represent 70% of Vasques de Carvalho’ sales.

Luís Vale, Jaime Costa e António Vasques de Carvalho

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Pictures Credits: Mutante Magazine