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    07 of December of 2016

Facebook is the most used social network at the moment, worldwide. How many times have you found a childhood friend, a schoolmate or even people you worked with a long time ago and with whom you did not have contact at the time?

It was to think of this that the Workplace, a corporate social network was created.


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This solution was already in tests, however, has now been officially launched and renamed. The Workplace aims to reach employers and businesses in a very complete way.

In the business world, LinkedIn is extremely used to search for new employees or make the company known. Despite the attempt to approach an active social network, it has always been extremely behind, and even has a very high value for those who seek to use it as a working tool.


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The Workplace wants to make the interconnection between all employees of small or large companies equally. It is essentially a support accessible anywhere in the world and is intended to be an added value in the communication of any company, especially for the larger ones.

What is Workplace by Facebook?

Fundamentally, this is a new social network exclusive to companies ie, it will not be in this network in a personal name but rather as an employee of the company to which it belongs. In this network will be possible the contact with people of the same company but also the contact between companies.


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It has the same search method that is currently implemented on Facebook, will have access to the possibility of making a live video, have the private messages and, in the background, everything will be similar to the social network that we already know. Emphasis is placed on the launch of Multi-Enterprise Groups, as it will be a way for several companies to collaborate by being suppliers or even partners.

Do you like the idea for your company? This is not a free system, however, we give the good news that the values ​​are far more palatable than the paid version of rival LinkedIn.


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The new social network comes to bridge some communication flaws that exist within large and small companies, from the most diverse areas. Taking advantage of the knowledge that everyone already has on Facebook itself, in order to captivate them to be more present in the company’s links.

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