• Date

    18 of December of 2014

esporao transmission


WHAT:  Porto/Post/Doc Festival
WHEN: December 4th to 13th
WHERE: Porto (Teatro Municipal Rivoli, Cinema Passos Manuel and Maus Hábitos)


Esporão joins the 1st  Porto / Post / Doc Festival with the Esporão Transmisson sessions. This festival section will have a specific program of music documentaries, concerts and DJ Sets, and will be held in two different spaces, Passos Manuel and Maus Hábitos.

For Esporão, cultural and artistic appreciation is seen as one of the company’s areas of intervention, a statement of support for the essential cultural dynamics  that revitalize the urban centers.

Twelve National and international documentaries will be in competition and they represent the best of what has been done in this area in the last year.

To learn more about the Port/Post/Doc, please go to: www.portopostdoc.com

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