• Date

    15 of January of 2015

EsporaoAgenda2015The planners by Esporão, wine and olive oil producer from the Alentejo and Douro, carry much more than its personality. Madalena martins. the designer responsible for the project, travelled to Esporão’s Estate, at the alentejo, to absorb the region and the brand’s culture and values.

Labels, Esporão newspapers, old product catalogues, menus from the Estate’s restaurant, among other materials, dress up the cover of the planners, drawing a patterns inspired by Alentejo’s tapestry and creating unique graphics with history patches.

Each planner is numbered and unique, since each is handcrafted reutilizing waste from the Estate, carefully transformed by the hands of inmates and members of the reintegration workshop of the Gabinete de Atendimento à Família.

The planners and pencils, the final products of this project, are available, in limited quantities, at the Esporão’s Estate store.

A meeting between creativity and social and environmental responsibility, as well as an inspiration for the new year.