• Date

    29 of November of 2016

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The Monterubello Travel watch, along with the Big Date, Moonphase and GMT models, marks the last chapter of the narrative of the Ermenegildo Zegna adventure in the world of Horology.

Another landmark was established in the world of Horology with Girard Perregaux. Ermengildo Zegna presents its most demanding clients with the first moonphase and GMT of the brand. This watch is designed and designed to be an elegant companion for the distinguished man as he travels the world. The style follows the design language established by previous models. The sober combination of colors and tones, embellished by Zegna’s characteristic spiked pattern, gives visibility to excellence and is the ideal background for the elegant inclusion of Breguet numerals in gold.


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Following the filosophy of the Zegna design the beauty is balanced with practicality, resulting in a clockwork that offers its intricately accessible language: the date is easily readable in the upper half of the dial, balanced by the presence, in the lower part, of two symmetrical lower dials, one presenting the hours of day of a secondary geographic location, and the other showing the different phases of the moon and the seconds.

Compost by 297 components, despite the only 5mm height, the movement that gives strength to this watch is in perfect harmony with the current taste for unique and discreet pieces, and where all the care was taken to ensure that the watch offers years of performance to its owner. The GMT function have a clean design and a simple operation: the reading is simple, the control is done by a adjustment knob placed in the box, discreetly, next to the 4h mark and which, with a simple touch, advances 1h to the next time zone.



The lunar calendar system is directly connected to the bar, ensuring smooth and continuous movement while the meticulously calculated gear system ensures that only in 122 years and 45 days elapsed will it be necessary to correct the calendar for one day.

The date display changes instantly at midnight, in an operation that takes only 15/1000 milliseconds a second. In addition, extra attention has been paid to ensure that there is no visible line between the two numerals by placing a completely transparent disc with only 1 / 10mm thick.