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About This Project


Institutional communication and management of companies, brands, products and services.

Corporate is the Global Press unit dedicated to communication and image, press consultancy and public relations for companies, institutions, brands and products. The Corporate unit is geared towards promoting public or private institutions/bodies, services and products via a professional response that includes determining the communication objectives, defining the timing, the target publics and the key messages to be transmitted.

The main strengths of the Corporate unit are the know-how it applies in carrying out its work, the know-whom in the various business areas where it operates and its flexibility and ability to adapt to the concrete objectives of each client.

The Corporate unit implements transversal strategic communication plans using all the tools provided by the agency (Strategy, Press Consultancy, Public Relations and Online Communication), personalized and adapted to the business segment of its client portfolio. The Corporate unit is able to define and incorporate other business areas that do not form part of our core business, in special tailor made projects using the partnerships we have with a wide variety of professionals.



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