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About This Project

Client: Alma da Comporta

Business Area: Brand Activation & Events

What: Presentation of the new perfume ALMA – Alma da Comporta

Created only with existing ingredients in Comporta, ALMA is a no gender perfume, intended for women and men, which evokes the sensation that its creator, Pierre Bouissou, remembers when he first arrived at the place – a fresh breeze, dominated by pine and orange trees, slightly involved by the salty mist of the Atlantic Ocean.

The exquisite combination of orange, orange leaf, cedar, myrtle, lavender, rosemary, pine and patchouli results in a unique, unisex and sophisticated scent that exalts the nights with your feet in the sand, the car rides with the windows down, the forests in the background and the ever-present ocean. A vegetable scent that is not only vegetable, but also contains a little bit of sea, a little bit of land. It is not an appropriation; it is a tribute to Comporta’s purest state of serenity and authenticity.

Where: Comporta, the creator’s private home

When: 14 May 2019

Who: Press

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