In a COVID-19 context, Global Press wanted to support national production and keep the economy dynamic, actively contributing with its know-how to minimize the inevitable economic impacts that this period of emergency imposed on us.

In the quarantine period, and with the limitations imposed by the State of Emergency, many of the national producers saw their main outlet channels closed, now dealing with the challenge of reaching consumers again.

We know how important it is to keep the chain alive, not only because some products are perishable, but above all because there is an urgent need to maintain the jobs and commitments of each company.

With so many fronts to deal with and in such an exceptional situation, Global Press decided to launch the #EUAPOIOAPRODUCAONACIONAL project, making its knowledge and resources available for the promotion, communication and maintenance of several digital channels to help producers in this emergency phase and, at the same time, promote solidarity aid to Public Hospitals that are currently at the forefront.

The project aims to aggregate on this platform http://www.consumirportugues.pt the online shopping possibilities of each participating producer, while also having a solidary character. Each producer has a solidary product (or all) available in their online store, in which 10% of the sale goes to public hospitals.

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