• Date

    31 of March of 2015

Esporão lives in accordance with the “Earth Time”. In the vineyard and in the olive grove, in the cellar and in the mill, in the wine tourism and at the table, all activities are governed in accordance with the cycles of nature, in perfect harmony with what it offers.

The new menu “Earth Time” of the Esporão’s restaurant reflects the search for a unique cuisine, using the flavors of each season. A return to the ancestral roots of the Alentejo gastronomy, combining modern knowledge with respect for tradition, which results in a contemporary approach of the dishes according to availability and seasonality of ingredients.

This gastronomic commitment, which began in 1997, is now assumed by Chef Pedro Pena Bastos and is a natural evolution in the kitchen of Esporão. The theme, “Earth Time” also fits up in a cycle of experiences and it is transversel to the entire range of the Wine Tourism in Esporão.

The orientation for the organic and simple flavors and for the high quality of the products reflects the passion of Esporão dor the wine and food of Alentejo. Some ingredients are from Esporão, such as vegetables, fruits or herbs, or even black pig created in assembled homestead. Other regional products such as cheeses, fish and crayfish river or even the game meat from various partnerships with local producers, are also present in the restaurant kitchen.

Chef Pedro Bastos Pena says: “The fact that we have the ability to produce and follow on location our garden and our animals, some of the ingredients we work with, is fundamental in the way that we are laying. This deep and everyday knowledge of the products is something we want to maintain and transmit. Tradition also docks other perspectives that inspire new techniques and methods of production, to which address the principles by which we are governed. We aim to provide a high quality experience, differentiating, where the place will always have to play a key role. ”

Manifesto Menu “Earth Time” of the Restaurante do Esporão

“We favor the simplicity of flavors, high quality and seasonality of ingredients.
We offer a unique cuisine, in perfect harmony with what nature offers us.
We seek a framework today, combining modern knowledge with respect for tradition. Here we return to our ancestral roots. Here, we work to make the most of all that the earth gives us daily. We live Earth Time … “