• Date

    30 of October of 2017

Douro Classics: Quinta de S. José presents its new crops

Quinta de S. José, located in the heart of the Douro in Ervedosa, has just presented the new harvests of its wines from the Flor da S. José range, with the 2016 harvest, and Quinta de S. José, with the 2015 harvest. This family project, dating back to the origins of Mrs. Antónia Ferreira, belongs to the descendant of the iconic Ferreirinha, winemaker and producer João Brito e Cunha and his wife Sofia. The wines of Quinta de S. José reflect their passion for the Douro and for their rigor, respecting the nature and identity of a very particular Terroir (where is the Qta de S.Jose and Qta de Roriz) due to the existence of Minas of Tin for many years.


With an exceptional location, on the left bank of the river Douro and geographically between Pinhão and Tua, Quinta de S. José has an extension of 10 hectares of vineyard that give rise to the various references that make up its portfolio. In the heart of the Douro Valley – a World Heritage Site – the Quinta counts with a strong slope of the land, where several plots of vineyards are planted at different altitudes, a very schist soil with traces of tin and an exposure to the north. It is the combination of these factors allied to the passion of the family for the Douro and the wine that mark the wines they produce.


The Quinta de S. José red, 2015 é um blend de castas da região – Touriga Franca (45%); Touriga Nacional (55%) e Tinta Roriz (5%). Provem das vinhas e parcelas da Quinta de S. José com maior altitude, entre os 250-300 metros.

The Quinta de S. José Touriga Nacional wine cellar, red, 2015, translates the full potential of Touriga Nacional, one of the noblest national grape varieties that, combined with the very particular terroir of Quinta de S. José, gives a wine with a well-defined profile different, more discreet, very fresh and distinct.

The Quinta de S. José Reserva tinto, 2015 is a batch wine (40%) of the best plots of Touriga Nacional, giving freshness and liveliness to the final lot, packed with a portion of old vines with approximately 50 years (60%), contributing to give complexity and depth to wine.


The Quinta de S. José Grande Reserva red wine, 2015 comes from the Quinta’s oldest vineyard, with an altitude between 100 and 150 meters, made entirely of wine press, resulting in a wine full of character, very elegant, distinct and complex, deep and very persistent.

The wines of the Flor de S. José José and Reserva 2016 range come from the highest areas of the Douro (altitude between 450 and 500 meters) allowing a good thermal amplitude. These conditions are favorable for slow maturation in order to preserve the aromas of the variety, their freshness and acidity. The Flor de S. José branco 2016 is produced on the basis of different vine varieties – Viosinho (30%), Rabigato (30%) and Gouveio (40%) – and the 2016 White Reserva comes from old vines with predominance of Rabigato and Gouveio .

The two ranges of Douro wines are part of the portfolio of Quinta de S. José, which also includes S.J. Vintage 2014, an exuberant port wine, with a distinct expression of the terroir of Quinta de S. José.



FLOR S. JOSÉ BRANCO 2016 I P.V.P. Recommended with VAT 11 €

FLOR S. JOSÉ RESERVA 2016 I P.V.P. Recommended with VAT 19 €

QUINTA S. JOSÉ 2015 I P.V.P. Recommended with VAT 11 €

QUINTA S. JOSÉ TOURIGA NACIONAL 2015 I P.V.P. Recommended with VAT19 €

QUINTA S. JOSÉ RESERVA 2015 I P.V.P. Recommended with VAT 28,50 €

QUINTA S. JOSÉ GRANDE RESERVA 2015 I P.V.P. Recommended with VAT 44 €

S.J. VINTAGE 2014 I P.V.P. Recommended with VAT 44 €