• Date

    19 of December of 2014



Pentawards, considered the Oscars in packaging design, assign for the first time the Gold Award to a Portuguese product in the Luxury category – Wine and Champagne.

Rita Rivotti, branding and wine design expert, see once again her work recognized, this time at the highest international level, with Crochet. The 2014 Pentawards edition – worldwide packaging design competition was held on October 9th in Tokyo. The same category was won in the previous year by the Absolut vodka brand.

“In the last 10 years, Portugal has doubled its share in the global wine market and begins to be finally recognized throughout the world for its quality and uniqueness. And I’m proud to be part of this change. I believe in wine as ambassador of our culture; holds in each bottle an opportunity to visually reveal our sweeping culture, civilization and tradition. Crochet by itself is an excellent example: here is a wine made by two women, with great love and dedication, in combination with its substantial knowledge and extensive experience, ” says Rita Rivotti

Crochet is the result of the challenge of double oenologists, Susana Esteban and Sandra Tavares, who invited Rita Rivotti to design and idealize the image and packaging of its wine production.

The relationship of friendship, passion for Douro and wine, as well as the experiences shared by the two oenologists, inspired Rita Rivotti to look at the project as an act similar to two women that come together to make crochet. This leads to the name and image of this creative project and winemaker, which refers to an activity so characteristic of the female and so full of the Portuguese nationality.

The basic inspiration of the “Crochet presents a very old female ritual, focused on a specific skill traditionally required for a marriageable girl, and as the label illustrates: an old embroidery, point to point,” explains creative.

The prize awarded by the jury of Pentawards confirms the quality of national and design work carried out by Rita Rivotti, which embraces each project as unique and is keen to investigate the roots, identity, characteristics and product differentiation for so graphically materialize his image in a truly unique way. Crochet was also the target of another awards, Lusos – Lusophone of Creativity Awards, with the bronze award in March 2014.

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