• Date

    08 of August of 2015

COS are excited to announce their collaboration with contemporary Danish design firm HAY.

COS and HAY have worked together for many years with the brand using HAY products to create lifestyle spaces within their stores and using HAY rails to display collections. Both brands share many values and aesthetics, a Scandinavian heritage and the promise of functional designs pared down with surprising and playful details.

To celebrate the collaboration COS have worked with HAY and designer Tomas Alonso to design two tables that will be sold exclusively in COS and HAY stores.

COS Heads of Design Karin Gustaffson and Martin Andersson have handpicked items from the HAY range to offer customers a curated collection of lifestyle items that form a natural continuation of the existing product offer.  Inspired by the world of art, design, architecture and furniture, the collaboration is an opportunity for COS to share with their customers a brand they have a great synergy and relationship with.

“We have always admired what HAY do and share many values. Our customers have a keen interest in interior design and we felt it was the right time to offer alternative products that complimented our clothing collections. We made sure we selected items from across the HAY range so that there’s something for every room, occasion and price point, we like to describe it as HAY seen through the eyes of COS.” Martin Andersson, Head of Design, COS

“Over many years we have been very happy to work with COS on so many different levels and projects. At HAY we see ourselves in between fashion and architecture and in working with COS we feel like we have found a perfect home.” Mette + Rolf Hay, Cofounders, HAY

The carefully curated collection of objects will launch in September 2015 in select COS stores; London High Street Kensington, Vienna Neubaugasse and Gothenburg with an edited collection available to buy on cosstores.com across Europe.