COS presents the FW’15 collection with the installation Urban Landscape de André Fu

  • Date

    02 of April of 2015

COS presents the Autumn Winter 2015 collection with the installation URBAN LANDSCAPE of ANDRÉ FU

To celebrate the continued expansion of COS in Asia, the brand held an exclusive preview of the Autumn Winter 2015 collection in Hong Kong. The presentation was held at the Central Upper Deck Ferry Pier No. 4, within the facility Urban Landscape especially created by renowned architect Andre Fu and his AFSO studio.

Karin Gustafsson, Head of Womenswear Design, said; “The collection of Fall / Winter 2015 is mainly inspired by nature and its landscapes, with versatile proposals for ready-to-wear clothes with colors and patterns inspired by glaciers. Another inspiration was the traditional clothing of East Asia, and how each of the minimalist pieces and its different layers create dramatic silhouettes. ”

The balance between calm and drama, and the contrast between  decorated or functional clothes, is in the heart of COS for Autumn / Winter 2015. Japan is a key influence, seized through layers of draped, withdrawals features of kimonos and Dramatic minimalism art movement Mono-ha. Technical details and glacial tones Olaf Otto Becker removed from photography introduce the idea of ​​living outdoors in a collection that plays with proportions and that influences how the pieces fit to the silhouette.

Long obi style belt, fold origami style, mao collar, cuffs exaggerated, dramatic scales, characteristic of padding sleeping bags are essential elements in the identity of the new collection.

In the men’s collection, the details were reduced to the essentials, as in the sculptures of Peter Alexander resin, where the very padded is assumed as detail key parts. Japanese-inspired cloths are used in single-breasted blazers and reference to the outdoors are seized by a boxy sweater, reminiscent of our favorite blanket.

Other inspirations for this collection include: Tara Donovan, Oscar Niemeyer, Koji Enokura, Koshimizu Susumu, and the famous photo of the colorful Oyvind Tangen iceberg.