Christophe Sauvat | More than a collection, a state of mind

  • Date

    12 of February of 2015

For Spring-Summer 2015, Christophe Sauvat takes us to a romantic atmosphere, where different times intertwine, revealing the perfect symbiosis between past and present.

More than a collection that honors the lightness and freshness of summer, Christophe Sauvat is a state of mind, a lifestyle, which reveals all of its splendor of of ethnic inspiration, so unique in this brand, and that transforms every piece into a work of dedication and detail.

The collection, with a color palette in hues of white, light green and orange, inspired by Comporta in Portugal, features light and airy fabrics, with dresses and tunics allow the light to reveal the shape of the feminine body in an elegant and mysterious way.

The capri pants in different patterns create improbable looks with embroidered tunics in rich colors. The mix of patterns reigns, always present in the brand’s collections and a must-have for this season.

Sandals and loafers complement the Spring-Summer collection. The collection features styles with beads and embroidered designs in shades of orange and blue, creating the perfect balance between colors and textures.

From Portugal to the World, Christophe Sauvat continues its journey with collections inspired by an urban, eclectic and travelled woman. One who pays attention to trends, but is faithful to her own style, where quality and attention to detail are essential.

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