Casio partners with SANKUANZ in a limited edition G-SHOCK

  • Date

    22 of November of 2017

Casio partners with SANKUANZ in a limited edition G-SHOCK

The GA-700SKZ-7A, a model that results from a partnership between G-SHOCK and SANKUANZ, was first revealed during the Paris Fashion Week in June 2017. This collaboration model called “Tundra” is based on the GA-700, a very popular model among the younger generation. The watch comes equipped with shock-resistant structure and water resistant structure up to 200m, features that join the design inspired by the spirit of street culture.


Other highlights of this model are the LED backlight, which is activated by pressing a single oversized button on the front and the raised display with large, easy-to-read pointers. The watch’s color scheme is polar camouflage, the most representative of the designs in the SANKUANZ collection. This combination of colors was designed by the designer Shangguan Zhe with inspiration in what he describes as the most fascinating scenery in the world, the snowy mountains and the tundra in the lands in the far north of the globe.


About the creative team:

Zhe invited several creative teams to participate in the production of this collaboration model, centered on the ideas of “resistance” and “creativity”. Zhenwei Huang traveled to Iceland to capture tundra and northern scenery, and Portland’s Bright Black filmmakers in the United States filmed and produced a promotional video from the top of a snowy mountain. Random Studio, based in Amsterdam, has created a model of a snow-covered mountain for display.


About the conceptual video:

The Bright Black film crew filmed and produced the conceptual video of this collaboration between G-SHOCK and SANKUANZ, using the theme “look for relationships in time and space.” The moment the protagonist presses the start button on the clock, it jumps the time axis and enters a space without form, where it moves freely in space and time to look for and to persecute since it exists in different axes of time . But as soon as you press the stop button, it instantly returns to its original space. In reality, everything was being controlled by the clock, just like a compass pointing the way into an infinite cycle.